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Haier Washing Machines


Haier washing machines are the best washing machines in the town famous for its innovative design and cutting edge technology. They come in three different variants i.e. Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines, Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines, and Semi Automatic Washing Machines single tub or double tub. From easy to use top loader to elegant front loaders, Haier offers a diverse lineup to fit every one’s needs. These all Haier washers are energy efficient and some of them come in inverter motors also. Haier washing machines have impressive reviews. Experience peace with eco-friendly, noise reduction, and save water features. Buy any from Lahore Electronics Official Haier Store.

Key Features

Key features of Haier washing machines are different for different machine types, it varies from model to mode. Haier Semi-Automatic washing are traditional washing machines comprising of one to two tubs. In Haier semi-automatic user has to put clothes manually along with water and detergent.

Types of Haier Washer Machines

Haier Top-load fully automatic washing machines are among the most liked in Pakistan. The completely automated machines have cutting-edge technology and a range of wash functions. These devices are low water pressure work-capable, energy-efficient, and simple to operate. Haier’s top-loading washing machines are designed to save more water. Lahore Electronics offers the best Haier washing machine in the best price in Pakistan for all family sizes.

There are several benefits that Haier washing machines provide to customers. Their top-loading design has a pillow-like drum that minimizes wrinkles and shrinking while being kind to fabrics. You may customize the washing to fit your tastes thanks to their customizable rinse cycles and assortment of wash programs. If the power is lost, the cycle is restarted via the auto-restart feature. Additionally, a delay start feature on some machines lets you choose when the wash cycle is ready to start.

Haier Washing Machines Size Guide:

Haier Washing Machines come in different sizes. User can select any size according to its need. Washing machine sizes are expressed in kilograms. It depicts how much kilograms of wet clothes we can wash at a time.  Below here is given the chart from which you can select your desired size. This size chart applies to all Haier washing machines ranging from Haier Front Loading, Haier Top loading to Haier Semi Automatic washing machines. 

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