Haier UPS Device for Haier Inverter Air Conditioners

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Haier UPS Module for Air Conditioners

Haier AC UPS Module is for Haier DC Inverter. It can be attached to any Haier UPS-enabled AC. Haier UPS device can input power supply between municipal power supply and UPS power supply by intelligent monitoring if the monitoring power is 220V. the air conditioner will operate normally in power mode. If 0V is detected, it switches to UPS power mode for low-frequency operation automatically.

Intelligent detection and automatic switching
The PCB detects the input power including the Mains power supply, the input terminal connects with the UPS and the output terminal connects with the UPS port of the computer board within the air conditioning chamber; the signas detected are sent to the MCU of the computer board for intelligently distinguishing the Mains power supply from the UPS supply the Mains is detected and identified as AC220V the detection board will output the mains signal to enable the air conditioner to run under the Mains operation mode if the Main detected and identified as 0V the UPS signal will be output to automatically switch to the UPS supply mode, and active the low-frequency operation of the air conditioner.
Comfort: The power supply control mechanisms for Mains power supply and the emergency control mechanism for the storage battery power supply are in the converter air conditioner: when the Mains fails, the controller will call the emergency mechanism of UPS, storage battery and dual-circuit power supply. to ensure normal operation.
Reliability: the G-TYPE torque control enables the compressor to run at low frequency, and at an amplitude 20% lower than the competitors, to improve the reliability of operation without any impairment to the service life

Brand: Haier

Warranty: One-Year Brand Warranty

Lights indicator:

Power In:

RED: Main power

GREEN: UPS power

OFF: No power

Power Out:

RED: Power on

OFF: Power off

For all Haier UPS-enabled air conditioners.

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